About The Menkiti Group

The Menkiti Group is an integrated real estate services company dedicated to enhancing the fabric of life in America’s urban neighborhoods through the strategic development, management, and sale of residential and commercial property. A minority-owned Certified Business Enterprise headquartered in the District of Columbia, The Menkiti Group was founded in 2004 with a mission to transform lives and communities through real estate. The Menkiti Group is proudly a double bottom line company; we measure our success in terms of both financial and social impact.

The Menkiti Group’s approach to urban neighborhood transformation and investment is centered upon residential and commercial development, residential sales, and commercial brokerage. We build and sell high-quality housing and invest in commercial properties along emerging neighborhood corridors. We transform abandoned and underutilized properties into exciting and affordable homes and workspaces. Our projects range from single family residential renovations to the development and tenanting of main street commercial properties, to large-scale mixed-use transit-oriented development projects.

Since our founding, we have established a reputation for our creative and productive deployment of capital and have cultivated valuable relationships across economic and cultural divides that have historically hindered the development of urban neighborhoods.

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