DC Neighborhood Stats: What’s Hot?

Now the fourth most valuable housing market in the United States, DC real estate continues to blossom.  Whether it’s our crystal ball or a continuous fortuitous landing of particular listings, MG Residential has stayed congruent with present housing market trends. Observed permutations from neighborhood to neighborhood has begged us to ask ourselves an interesting question – which neighborhood housing market will be the next “hottest market”? With this in mind, we went ahead and took a closer look at 3 popular neighborhoods where we are currently listed.

Last Year’s #1 Hottest Neighborhood to Live In
Mt. Pleasant

What made it so hot?
Mt Pleasant’s “leafy streets” saw housing prices rocket 13% last year. Accessible to multiple metro stops and walking distance to Columbia Heights, this construction-free zone of DC boasts picturesque neighborhoods lined with beautiful row houses.

MG Residential Currently Listed Mt Pleasant Property
2303/2035 17TH St. NW

2017 Stats:
Average Housing Price:  $718,198
Average Days on the Market: 21
Number of Units Sold (year to date): 124

Best Up and Coming DC Neighborhood

What’s the catch?
This Northeast neighborhood is The Menkiti Group’s neighbor, nestled right in the middle of Bloomingdale, Brookland, and Eckington. Edgewood screams affordability along with being pedestrian friendly, community-oriented and centrally located to the metro, shops, and restaurants.

MG Residential Currently Listed Brookland Property
1621 Otis St. NE

2017 Stats:
Average Housing Price:  $560,510
Average Days on the Market: 25
Number of Units Sold (year to date): 177

An MG Residential Favorite
Shepherd Park

What makes it our favorite?
Described as a “friendly” community, MG Residential had the opportunity to find out just how friendly the neighbors were at our “Neighbors Only Sneak Peek” open house earlier in September. Offering a preview of 7800 Morningside Dr., a once neglected property – 150 individuals from the community came out to marvel at the tastefully renovated house, now with the look and feel of a home. The Shepherd Park neighborhood embodies more of a suburban atmosphere while having the unique position of sitting in the NW quadrant of DC. Only a short drive to restaurants and shops in Silver Spring and Bethesda, Shepherd Park is also close enough to enjoy all the attractions offered downtown.

MG Residential Currently Listed Shepherd Park Property
7800 Morningside Dr. NW

 2017 Stats
Average Housing Price:  $833,223
Average Days on the Market: 24
Number of Units Sold (year to date): 16