Meet Steve Rollins, the premier real estate professional on our team, boasting an unparalleled mix of expertise and enthusiasm. As a distinguished US Army Veteran, Steve channels the discipline, commitment, and attention to detail essential in navigating the dynamic real estate landscape.

Steve’s odyssey in the Washington, DC area unfolds as a lifelong exploration, deeply rooted in the fabric of neighborhoods and their significance, cultivated through extensive travels. A decade ago, a passion for sales ignited while aiding citizens in opening bank accounts, propelling his career across diverse industries – from mortgage refinancing to media, electrical, automotive, pest control, landscaping, and banking.

In 2016, Steve embarked on a personal journey, constructing his inaugural home and embracing the complexities and joys of being a first-time homeowner. It was during this transformative process that his true calling in real estate unfolded.

During his leisure, you’ll find Steve indulging in his love for fishing and Maryland Crabs with his Dad and friends. A genuine athlete, he stays connected to his first love, football, coaching and mentoring young males, grounding himself in morals and community values.

Beyond the real estate realm, Steve transforms into a hands-on handyman, fearlessly tackling projects, from building decks to exploring potentially spooky basements in rehab properties. When you collaborate with Steve, it transcends the typical realtor-client relationship; you gain a partner unafraid to climb into attics and dedicated to making your real estate vision a reality.

With over 35 years as a resident of the Greater Washington area, Steve is a treasure trove of knowledge about the region and its real estate market. For him, it’s not merely about transactions; it’s an opportunity to cultivate enduring client relationships founded on trust and integrity. Steve takes pride in delivering knowledge, integrity, commitment, passion, and a touch of fun, ensuring precision in every facet of the real estate journey. Opt for Steve as your real estate ally, and you’re not just securing a realtor – you’re enlisting a trusted partner committed to transforming your real estate aspirations into tangible achievements.