Nyemah Clair comes from both a Cyber Security Engineering and Project Management background where she acquired an incredibly unique skill set, all of which was easily transferable when she made the decision to pursue her passion for real estate. Prior to beginning her real estate career, Nyemah was already a seasoned investor who started her wealth-building journey by purchasing, renovating and leasing project after project.  As a Project Manager, Nyemah’s fine-tuned eye for detail allowed her to make savvy investments with a strong rate of return.  Her leadership, collaboration, and risk management experience also lent to her investment success.

With the evolution from investor to real estate agent, Nyemah thrives on providing that same level of detail to each of her clients.  She enjoys helping those achieve their real estate dreams, whether it be homeownership, beginning a wealth-building journey via investing or assisting someone selling their most prized possession – their home.  Providing a high level of service, a nurturing demeanor as well as extraordinary skill, Nyemah is the perfect partner for those ready to start the real estate process.

Originally from the Baltimore City area, Nyemah Clair currently resides in Prince George’s County with her husband and two children.  Choosing Prince George’s County as the location where they wanted to settle down and raise their children makes that area near and dear to their heart.  Nyemah, and her husband Joe – who is also a licensed agent is thrilled to launch MG Residential’s expansion in the Prince George’s County area and become the next power couple in Maryland real estate.