Marketing Manager

Kelly Harwood is the Marketing Manager for the Menkiti Group enterprise, providing marketing, events, communications, and outreach support for all the business units, including development, commercial, homebuilding, sales team, and the KWCP brokerage. She works with business unit leaders, the Director of Marketing, and Team Leaders to ensure consistency in brand and message for projects, programs, and events.

Kelly believes that she can make the biggest contributions by coordinating the details and the ‘how’ of the objectives for others that she works with, and that her insight, ability to forecast and anticipate needs allows leadership to focus on their most important tasks at hand.

Early in her career, Kelly was quickly promoted in marketing and promotional roles, eventually becoming a lead trainer, manager of activity, outreach, and events, and overall integrated marketing communications tactics. Her background as a personal trainer has instilled discipline, time management, planning, and goal setting into her everyday activity, and the ability to encourage others to meet their goals.

Kelly earned her B.S. in Health Sciences and Pre-Physical Therapy from Marymount University. She currently resides in NoVA and enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and her dog.