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Calabash Tea & Tonic NOW OPEN in Brookland

There’s a wonderful new neighborhood destination on 12th Street in the heart of Brookland. Calabash Tea & Tonic is open and the tea is flowing at 2701 12th Street, NE. Congratulations to everyone at Calabash – we’re so excited to see what you’ve done with the corner space, and can’t wait to enjoy a tonic on your patio!

Calabash’s holistic and well traveled vibe is curated by Dr. Sunyatta Amen, a fifth generation herbalist and naturopathic physician. When customers walk through the door, the cafe promises a healing experience and overall dedication to well being. With over 50 organic tea blends and organically grown herbs, Calabash is able to use its outdoor patio to create a ‘teaching and learning garden’ to help customers learn how to heal themselves.

“We are very excited to welcome Calabash Tea & Tonic as one of our newest neighborhood-serving retail tenants in a space that is very special to us and to the Brookland community,” said Bo Menkiti, CEO of The Menkiti Group. “Calabash will be a vibrant addition to the other wonderful food and beverage options along 12th street.”

Photo from Yasna Khademian’s Article

Additionally, Calabash is dedicated to staying connected to the community. Dr. Amen hopes to provide employment opportunities single parents, women of color, and returning citizens.

“Neighborhood entrepreneurs are the business owners that make communities what they are. This us a wonderful addition to the Brookland Neighborhood.”

Sam Bryson, EVP of Asset Management, Menkiti Group

For more information, visit Calabashdc.com