Springtime Dreaming?

Mike SuttonHome improvements can go a long way in preparing to sell a home, but don’t forget to improve your space even if you have no plans to move anytime soon! One area that’s nice to focus on during these cold, blustery days is the outside… yes, OUTSIDE.

A big thank you to Mike Sutton, Garden Lead at Annie’s Ace Hardware – Brookland, for being guest author on this post. The team at Annie’s Ace worked tirelessly before the monster snowstorm hit in January, and the community is grateful to have them as a new neighbor.

Now, our thoughts turn to spring! Still need help getting started after reading these helpful hints? Swing by and look for Mike (pictured.)

Winter Blues?  Bring spring to you early! Well … sort of.

Tired of winter already? Can’t wait for spring? Well, boring winter days can be the best time to start preparing for spring. Whether you have a vegetable garden, or a lawn and flower bed, now is the best time to start conditioning and planning for a spectacular yard come spring and summer.  In this article we will go over a few great ways to get a head start on the coming season. Early bird catches the worm, right?

Here are a few great “spring” projects that can be done on any warmer winter day:

  • Start picking and choosing your garden seeds now and get them a head start indoors with a seedling starter kit. Annie’s Ace carries a great variety of vegetable and flower seeds and everything you need to get them started right.  Be sure to see how much space each plant will need and plan your garden lay out accordingly.
  • If you haven’t already in last fall, clear out your old vegetable garden and till it a bit to cut-up those old roots so they can break down into food for your new veggies.
  • Lay down some old newspapers on your vegetable garden beds and cover it with some good compost to help suffocate any unwanted plants or weeds hiding underneath. Come spring, the paper will be mostly broken down.  Just till the newspapers and compost into your garden.
  • Fix any fencing, lattice, or raised garden beds. And if you’re feeling really ambitious on an especially boring winter day, build a small compost bin or a small herb garden box and get it ready to go for seeding season in spring.
  • Start shopping for grass seed and fertilizers now! Most retailers are ahead of the game seasonally, just like how you can get Christmas decorations in October now. Annie’s Ace Hardware already has a very wide selection of grass seed and lawn fertilizers.  Start knocking out those (most likely multiple) trips to the hardware store and be ready as soon as it’s warm enough to seed.
  • Organize your garden supplies now! See what things you will need to get, and what you already have. It will save trips to the store and save you time in the busier warmer months of the year.
  • Get your tools ready now! Sharpen and oil mower blades, fix or sharpen garden shears and all your other tools, and replace them if they need to be retired.
  • Since fall is long gone, we know there will be no more leaves til next fall. Stay ahead of the game and get your gutters ready for those spring and summer showers and storms by giving your gutters a good cleaning.

Get spring started early and knock out some winter blues at the same time with these tasks now.  For anyone who is a big fan of spring or gardening, they are a great way to get out of the house and save yourself some valuable time come spring, and remember Annie’s Ace Hardware in Brookland has great advice and selection for everything you might need for spring and summer!

Thanks, Mike, from your friends at MG Residential.