QL: A World-Changer Mindset

Several ambitious young adults woke up early this past Saturday for a mid-morning QL seminar hosted by MG’s corporate office.

Quantum Leap was designed by Gary Keller and is based on his productivity and life lessons course. Packed into a 1-day event, the course is meant to teach a younger audience how to think like an entrepreneur, gain a competitive edge, and obtain their “unfair share” no matter what industry they pursue.

Saturday’s seminar brought on a faction of attendees comprising of sales and operations staff, children of employees, and interns with the age range starting as young as 15! Held in MG’s training room, attendees found themselves sitting in a symposium styled set-up. Once the session started, motivational speaker and presenter India Whitlock led introductions. An 11-year veteran in the world of Real Estate, Ms. Whitlock possesses extensive and invaluable knowledge in the industry which has given her a unique advantage over competitors. Her inspiration to become a QL instructor was driven by her desire to influence empowerment within the communities she serves. During her introduction, she affirmed her mission and intention for Saturday’s QL session, which was “to reach, teach and inspire” attendees. When it was time for each attendee to make their own introductions, Ms. Whitock established individual intentions by asking “Why are you here?”

Building a foundation towards the “QL Mindset”, Ms. Whitlock challenged and inspired reflection and expression of these thoughts. Questioning past choices, self-awareness, and the individual definitions of success, Ms. Whitlock looked to rewire the young minds in the room.  Throughout the session, she empowered her audience to formulate a more self-serving thought process through emphasizing several key concepts.

Through QL Mindset, you will be empowered to:

Choose to live with intention and purpose.

Visualize a life that excites you.

Adopt the perspectives needed to optimize your potential.

Become wealthy in mind and building financial wealth necessary to fund your personal life mission.

Design your personalized success strategy.

Leaving no questions unanswered, Ms. Whitlock emboldened her young audience to become cognizant of their current mindset and revitalized listeners by “unleashing the extraordinary you.”