Leading with Purpose: A Journey of Versatility and Growth with Liza Noskova

In the bustling world of real estate, where every move counts and each decision shapes success, the role of a Lead Market Center Coordinator (MCC) demands versatility, creativity, and a strong sense of leadership. Stepping into this dynamic realm is Liza Noskova, a seasoned professional whose journey from journalism to marketing has positioned her at the heart of Keller Williams Capital Properties (KWCP). In this interview, Liza shares insights into her career path, her approach to leadership, and the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way.

From journalism to real estate operations and marketing

Liza’s professional journey began at The University of Maryland where she studied communications and journalism. As a student during the 2016 election, she dove right into interviewing individuals about current events and reporting on very serious topics. Liza quickly adopted excellent time management skills and prided herself in meeting deadlines perfectly with little to no mistakes. Although she acknowledges that this experience made her a strong communicator and writer, it was a yearning for a more creative and fulfilling path that led her to explore the realm of marketing.

Her transition into marketing marked a significant turning point in her professional journey as she was able to dive into crafting compelling narratives and engaging with diverse audiences and KWCP became the perfect home for her. Joining the brokerage’s Rockville Market Center, Liza found herself embraced by a warm and collaborative environment. Inspired by the supportive community and driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Liza jumped feet first into her role as MCC. After a few years, she was recognized for her grit and passion and was elevated to Lead MCC.

Navigating Leadership Challenges

As the Lead MCC overseeing a team spread across multiple market centers, Liza’s responsibilities are multifaceted, ranging from marketing and event planning to office administration and recruitment. One challenge that she faced head on during her time at KWCP was navigating the new normal that came out of the pandemic. Liza and her team had to quickly adapt to virtual operations while maintaining cohesion and effectiveness. Through spearheading strategic initiatives such as daily huddles and becoming hyper focused on digital communication, Liza fostered a culture of collaboration, ensuring that her team remained united and resilient. KWCP’s mantra during this time, #StrongerTogether, became a pillar of Liza’s leadership philosophy that continues to guide her today.

Lessons learned and milestones achieved

Reflecting on her journey, Liza emphasizes the importance of speaking up and championing open communication—a lesson she learned firsthand as she advocated for greater inclusion and collaboration among MCCs across the organization. Additionally, she highlights the Women’s History Month campaign in 2022 as a significant milestone.

The collaborative effort between all MCCs and the enterprise marketing team spotlighted the remarkable achievements of women across the organization, and Liza expresses what an honor it was to be recognized for their contributions as an Inman Innovator national finalist for the company-wide campaign.

Balancing leadership with passion

In addition to her professional pursuits, Liza derives immense joy and fulfillment from her love of competitive ballroom dancing, particularly in the realm of international Latin dance. This cherished passion has not only molded her character but also imbued her with a profound sense of joy, discipline, and perseverance. Devoting herself to practice sessions four days a week and participating in six competitions annually, Liza’s commitment to her craft reflects her unwavering dedication.

The community she has found within ballroom dancing is a collaborative one where students are always sharing their knowledge and teaching one another which reminds her a lot of life at KWCP. Liza’s journey on the dance floor mirrors her approach to leadership: driven, resilient, and deeply passionate.

Looking ahead

As Liza continues to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, she remains committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and growth within her team and across the organization. With her unwavering dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and creative vision, she stands poised to lead KWCP to new heights of success, one step at a time.