Last Saturday Morning’s Special with Joe Clair

Atypical to his usual appearances, Joe Clair’s audience traded laughs for a learning opportunity. The comedian turned comedian AND Real Estate agent, of the Menkiti Group, offered a Saturday morning session on the fundamentals of first time home buying. Teamed up with Managing Director and Associate Broker Martin Weldon, attendees were in for a treat (or at least would be privy to a wealth of knowledge). As they welcomed attendees to the seminar, Joe opened up the conversation with something his audience could relate to – Joe started off by resolutely speaking on his journey from renting to buying. Engaging the audience one step further, Martin and Joe collaboratively spoke about the pros of owning a home, debunking all myths and common misconceptions associated with home ownership. Continuing to keep their audience attentive, captivated and eager to listen, Joe stressed how “Home is where your wealth is!” Showing statistics surrounding renting versus buying, attendees learned about the benefits of owning a home and how you gain the ability to build wealth through it. Once they walked their audience through the home buying process, Martin and Joe passed the torch to the present guest speaker when expanding on “Finance 101.”  Ernest Penn, an outside lender from Movements Mortgage, expanded upon and shared his expertise on getting financed for a home. His speaking points mainly touching on concerns surrounding credit. Finally, Joe and Martin wrapped up the intense session with “Next Steps”, encouraging attendees to schedule a buyer’s consultation. As an incentive, attendees were offered Real Estate swag bags to the first 5 people to sign up for a consultation.  Between the incentive and the seminar, attendees seemed to have found confidence in the reality of “owning a home”, prompting 71% of them to sign up for buyer consultations! With that being said, I would say Saturday was success!