Kim Giles: Cultivating Growth and Success in Real Estate

In the dynamic world of real estate, success often comes from a combination of experience, continuous learning, and a supportive community and Kim Giles, an important member of the KWCP family, embodies these principles. In this blog interview, Kim shares her inspiring journey, the evolution of her role, and the strategies she employs to foster growth within the organization and in the communities we serve.

A Journey from Retail to Real Estate

Kim’s career in real estate began with a unique twist. With a background in retail management and merchandizing, she was offered the chance to run a chain of children’s clothing stores in New York. When she approached a real estate brokerage for recommendations for a business loan, their advice was to get out of retail and into real estate. After much contemplation and following her gut, Kim transitioned into real estate in 1989 and found her sweet spot. 

Kim enrolled in a two-week crash course in real estate, took the test, and became a full-time real estate agent in Virginia. Despite facing challenges during the late 1980s real estate market crash, Kim’s determination led her to become a successful full-time agent with 37 total transactions in the heat of the economic downturn. In fact, after her first full year as a real estate agent, Kim earned herself recognition as “Rookie of the Year” from the Board of Realtors in 1990. Her journey that started in Virginia, eventually led her to become an Associate Broker covering DC, MD, and VA.

Joining KWCP: A Shift in Perspective

After years with a large real estate firm in the metropolitan area, Kim had a pivotal encounter with Bo Menkiti and Brandon Green from KWCP where she was drawn to the non-traditional approach of Keller Williams. She was invited by Bo to attend a mastermind session and felt this was where she belonged. She was quickly offered the position of Director of Sales of an expansion team affiliated with KWCP and has been with us ever since. 

Within just a few weeks of joining the company, Kim had the opportunity to attend KW’s annual Mega Camp conference in Austin. However, what was meant to be a typical event took on a whole new significance as Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc across the Houston area. Kim’s first experience with Keller Williams proved to be one of the most profound moments of her life, as she witnessed the KW community banding together to provide relief and support in the face of adversity.

Staying Relevant in a Dynamic Industry and Fostering a Unique Culture at KWCP

Kim understands and advocates for the pivotal role of education and training in the real estate industry’s ever-changing landscape. To remain well-informed of the latest trends, technologies, and practices, she emphasizes KWCP’s mastermind groups and values input from agents at all levels. Kim takes pride in the success stories of top-producing agents who implement her guidance, underscoring the dynamic nature of real estate.

Moreover, Kim recognizes KWCP’s culture as a defining characteristic of the brokerage. She highlights an environment where agents are empowered to grow their businesses in ways not typically available at other brokerages. Rooted in collaboration and a commitment to helping others succeed, KWCP’s culture fosters a unique and supportive atmosphere for all agents.

Notable Projects and Proud Accomplishments

Throughout Kim’s real estate career, she has achieved remarkable milestones. One standout accomplishment is her lifetime designation from the real estate board, earned by consistently exceeding $10 Million in production for ten consecutive years. This prestigious recognition symbolizes a decade of dedication and excellence in the field.

Additionally, Kim’s leadership during the 2009 market crash stands as a testament to her abilities. Leading a group of 90 agents outside of KWCP, she guided each agent to double or triple their business, propelling their team to number one out of 350 offices.

    Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Agents

    Kim stresses the importance of knowledge in the real estate business. From understanding market trends to the construction of houses, continuous learning and building a strong knowledge base are essential. Her advice revolves around being a reliable resource for clients, respecting the complexity of transactions, and having the right people around you.

    Beyond Real Estate: Kim’s Hobbies and Fun Facts

    Outside of her thriving real estate career, Kim enjoys gardening, making cookies and candies, and cherishing moments with her two little grandchildren. Her commitment to her job, approachability, and love for helping agents shine through in both her professional and personal life.

    Kim Giles’ journey in real estate is a testament to the power of continuous learning, a collaborative culture, and a genuine passion for helping others succeed. As a valuable member of the KWCP family and passionate realtor, she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of real estate professionals and fostering a community dedicated to growth and excellence.