Home Shopping Tips for the Spring Market

The first day of spring is almost a week away and the housing market has already started heating up for this upcoming season. As a buyer, it’s important to find direction and magnitude within your home search, essentially turning your quest into a vector guiding you through your overall home buying process from start to finish. The most important part of the home buying process is, of course, the beginning, finding a home. With no idea or parameters when dealing with this type of pursuance, one could find themselves lost and generally overwhelmed. MG Residential is here to help with 5 great starter tips for your spring market search!

Planning ahead

Whether you have just started your search or a veteran in your hunt, it’s always great to plan ahead. Realizing that offer deadlines fall during the following week after a home is listed, you may want to consider getting a jump on viewing a prospective property. Look at scheduling a showing within 1-2 days of a home being listed. If you really like what you see and are thinking about putting in an offer, an early showing allows you the flexibility and ability to plan a second showing before making a final decision.

Check out the surrounding neighborhood

Many buyers overlook the importance of the “neighborhood aspect”, especially when you’re caught up in the tangled web of focusing in on the “home” part of the home searching process. Before you schedule a showing, try to make time to walk, drive or even bike around the neighborhood.  Some would even encourage you to talk to the neighbors if and when you see them out and about. Enjoy lunch at a neighborhood restaurant or if it’s a nice day, hang out at the local park. This small, but important, step makes all the difference in the initial decision process of even looking at a home.

Take Notes!!!

Looking at up to 7 homes in a day (you shouldn’t be looking at more than that) can be mentally exhausting, especially if you are trying to remember the details of each individual viewing. Writing down and taking pictures of what you like and dislike can help when “defining, tweaking, and refining” home goals and must have home elements. Also, consider writing down any questions you may want to raise, either to the seller or your realtor.

Leave any extra shoppers at home

Shopping for your new home is exciting and you might think about sharing this experience with the intention of getting insightful input from family and friends. Unfortunately, this can become very distracting when it comes to finding your new home. Remember, it is important to focus on YOUR vision in regard to creating and living in your future home space.

Bring Decision Makers

It’s important to have everyone who is a decision maker present when viewing a home.  It encourages discussion about what is important, during and after a viewing. If nothing else, as you progress in your home search, agree upon a rating between 1 to 10 to help gauge an overall point of view on a recently viewed home.

Final thoughts…
When beginning your home search, don’t forget to have a timeline in mind. Whether you are looking to buy tomorrow or in a few months, it’s great to keep in mind goals and important milestones, like finding a realtor and getting your finances in order (pre-approval).  These helpful tips should help move along a more effective and focus driven process that helps you get one step closer to buying your first (or next) home!