Getting To Know Office Manager, Charles Jones

Many of you have most likely met Charles Jones, the Office Manager at our 8th Street location. Charles operates the front desk of our headquarters and interacts with each person that walks in our doors. While many of you have met him, you probably do not know him too well. Keep reading below to learn more about Charles, who he is, and what he is passionate about.  

Experiencing DC Real Estate and Its Many Changes  

Charles is a native Washingtonian, born in DC and has lived here for the majority of his life. Being a native has helped him to see the growth and evolution that has taken place in the city. The changes he has seen have helped him to understand real estate in DC in a very different way than many people. For example, the metro station that is now called NOMA used to be named “New York Ave–Florida Ave–Gallaudet U”. The station’s name was changed in 2012 and reflects the evolution that Charles has witnessed his entire life. The new name of the station brought in a new real estate crowd and Charles says he finds it interesting that a new name has garnered such a wide demographic of people in the area. The evolution of neighborhoods and the redevelopment that has taken place in DC can be attributed to a variety of real estate groups, including The Menkiti Group! Before the development of MLK Gateway I and II, Charles simply knew the area as the corner down from his dentist, which was at the famed “Big Chair” in SouthEast DC. Now, he knows the corner as one of The Menkiti Group’s biggest catalytic projects. He can’t wait to see what community-facing projects pop up in DC next!

Where He Found His Love of Real Estate

Charles thrives in being our office manager. From our first stop for IT help to making sure our marketing channels are running smoothly, Charles is a seasoned veteran at people-oriented positions. His skill in this field comes from a long line of past positions that prepared him for what The Menkiti Group has thrown at him. His professional career began in 2018 when he moved to New York City and worked for Robert Half. At Robert Half, Charles worked as the Front Office Assistant and was tasked with daily operations such as cross-referencing various databases for electronic filing, corresponding with the department of Small Business Services, collecting hard copies of documentation such as payroll…and more! He loved his time there, but after almost 2 years in NYC he decided it was time to come home to The District.  Upon his return, Charles worked as the Lead Concierge for a luxury apartment complex in Georgetown. During his time there, he had a firsthand look into what the real estate world could offer him. He became a certified leasing professional and fell in love with the personal and professional connections that came with the real estate industry. After some time as the Lead Concierge, he knew he was ready to switch professions to somewhere where he could dive deeper into real estate, and so he found The Menkiti Group.

Making the Move to MG

While searching for the ideal job in the real estate industry, Charles found that The Menkiti Group was hiring a Front Office Manager. He took the chance to apply and was hired and onboarded in January of 2022. He has since spent his time becoming an integral part of our Menkiti family, and within the past 6 months has taken a much larger role in our Marketing Department. Charles says that his favorite part about working at The Menkiti Group is having a hand in multiple parts of the business. From taking a step into the marketing world to helping with operations and being our go-to IT person, Charles truly does have a hand in everything.

A Passion for Fashion

As a young Washingtonian, Charles is always busy, but in his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his friends and working on a clothing brand, which will focus on consignment and upcycled garments. He is learning how to use a sewing machine and practices sewing by altering clothing for himself and his friends. The business is in the early stages of development but within the next 5 years, he hopes it takes off. As well as growing his business in the coming years, Charles hopes to continue his love for travel by exploring new places.