Get to Know MG Residential’s Amazing Chief of Staff, Jumoké Akiosi

For nearly a decade, Jumoké has been a part of The Menkiti Group family. She has grown with the company and has made a name for herself as a powerhouse real estate expert. Coming to The Menkiti Group after working for other companies was an exciting career change for her, but to fully know what drives Jumoké to be the very best you have to know what passions have driven her to the position she holds today.

Jumoké’s Path to The Menkiti Group

Before Jumoké worked for the enterprise, she spent 7 years as the Director of Operations at one of the top real estate teams in Bethesda, Mynor and Associates. Mynor Herrera and his team are part of the Keller Williams Capital Properties family. During her time working for Mynor, Jumoké learned essential leadership skills that taught her what she considers to be the most important lesson: it’s important to hear and see people based on how they want to be perceived. Through her empathetic listening Jumoké formed close ties with her team members, and she forever considers them an important part of her career and early days in real estate.

During her time working at Mynor and Associates, Jumoké realized she was ready for more responsibilities and growth opportunities. It was then that she took the initiative and began to raise her hand for every opportunity possible. This drive combined with a rollercoaster ride for the industry during the pandemic pushed Jumoké to new heights.

As a part of the KWCP extended family, Jumoké had caught the eye of Kymber Menkiti. Kymber recognized Jumoké’s strong work ethic and passion for the industry and offered her a professional home as Chief of Staff for KWCP. From there she has expanded her knowledge and skills and is now the Chief Of Staff and Growth & Operations Leader for the residential sales arm of The Menkiti Group, MG Residential.

Once is an Accident…Twice is Fate!

Jumoké is strong and calculated, especially when it comes to superstitions and “meant to be” scenarios. An example of this are her hire dates for both Mynor and Associates and The Menkiti Group. Jumoké was hired to work for Mynor on April 15, which happens to be her mother’s birthday, and the day before Mynor’s birthday on April 16. Since it happened once before she thought it must be a sweet coincidence.

When her first day at The Menkiti Group happened to be April 6 and Kymber’s birthday is on April 5, she knew that birthdays, hire dates and the month of April mean good things are coming her way! Both of these roles were connected with the birthdays of people she loves, and when signing on to be the newest member of the MG family that was the only sign that she needed in order to know she had made the right decision and fate played a role in getting her to the next level.

What a Decade of Change Looks Like

Because of Jumoké ’s history with the enterprise she has had a front row seat to all the growth the company has seen in the past decade. One thing that stands out for her is witnessing every member of the team thrive in their professional and personal lives. She used examples such as Martin Charles, Natasha Thompson, and Joe Martin, commenting on how “they started in the very early days of The Menkiti Group and are still learning!”.

Another striking evolution she has seen at The Menkiti Group has been the diversity in leadership that the company has made a key part of its foundation. She’s happy to see that so many of the people in leadership roles are women and hopes to see many more people of color rise to the top. Jumoké knows that equal representation is critical to success and is excited to see the enterprise continue to make this a priority as it grows.

All in all, her favorite thing about working at The Menkiti Group is that she truly feels her voice is heard. She says, “I feel that I have good synergy in the company, and I have a great working relationship with Kymber and my colleagues”. These relationships are what she credits to her success, and she loves learning about people and pushing the boundaries for herself and her colleagues.

Family is Everything

When Jumoké isn’t working she loves spending time with her family, specifically her mother. She is the product of a single immigrant mother, and she aims to be her mother’s “peace and paradise” as she ages. She loves to take her shopping, go out to dinner, and simply enjoy life by her mother’s side. Jumoké also enjoys being with her husband and keeping life interesting by going on sporadic date nights and fun vacations that make life worth living!

Jumoké wants to send a positive message to all leaders: to “put an emphasis on equality and uncapping people’s feelings”. She says, “As leaders, we must recognize the profound importance of seeing people. It is not a mere desire but a fundamental need that resides within every individual. In a world that often leaves people feeling unnoticed, our duty is to acknowledge and embrace this necessity. By truly seeing and understanding those around us, we ignite their aspirations, build trust, and create an environment where greatness can flourish. The power of visibility extends beyond our organizations, shaping lives and inspiring others to embrace their unique strengths.”