Get to Know Marriah Unruh, the KWCP Area Director Extraordinaire

If you’re looking for a fun, inspirational, and devoted person to talk to: try Marriah. Her bright personality, optimistic outlook on life, and determination to succeed has led her to extreme opportunity that shows if you face your fears and smile at everyone you meet along the way, nothing is impossible. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Marriah to learn more about her story. Early in her life at the age of 15, Marriah began to focus on finding a career path that gives her the opportunity to create a lasting legacy. Her hard work and extreme focus paid off when she became fiercely independent at the age of 17 and vowed to do everything that scared her and her first life-altering came in the form of pursuing and joining flash mobs. She would hear rumors of one happening, hop on a plane to get to the event, find the point person, and before she knew it, she would have completed a high-energy flash mob and was on a plane back home. These flash mobs were often settings where she would pretend to be an employee at large company events, and suddenly break out into dance! Her love for being in flash mobs not only stemmed from her fear facing journey but stemmed from her love of music that she has passed onto her children.

How Family Bridged the Gap to a Rewarding Career

Marriah is a mother to two daughters who are currently 30 and 27, and a son who is 22. In addition to her love of being a mother, Marriah is also a proud grandma to two beautiful grand babies aged 4 and 1! It’s safe to say that family is a huge part of Marriah’s life, and her family is actually how she got her start in real estate. She met her husband, Mike Unruh, and individually people told them they would both be great real estate agents. They decided to take a leap of faith and dove into the real estate world as agents for Century 21.

Building a Legacy and Putting Herself Out There

Marriah was an agent for Century 21 for almost eleven years from 2001-2012. In 2012 she made the transition over to Keller Williams and has been part of the KW family ever since. This transition from Century 21 to KW also came with the added role of Culture Chair at KW which she passionately led from 2013-2017. Marriah has always been grateful for her success as a real estate agent and because of her dedication to that role, she was hesitant to take on a new role as Team Leader at KW. As it turns out, that transition to TL was

Transitioning to Keller Williams

Outside of work, Marriah is just as driven and fun. Her hobbies include ariel silks (another fear facing endeavor that she took on after watching Cirque du Soleil) and going boating on the weekends with friends and family. A little something you may not know about Marriah is that someone who has influenced her the most, though she attributes lots of people positively influencing her, is her grandmother who always had a smile on her face despite facing hard times. Marriah hopes to leave a legacy of kindness and strength on the world, and I think we can all agree that she has already done so. If you see Marriah around the KWCP offices or her name pops up in your inbox, make sure to say hello!

It’s Not All Business!

As their success grew, they went from dual agents to full time agents, and in their first nine days of cold calls they had 23 new construction listings. the right move and she proudly transitioned into a leader who loves to motivate and lead other leaders in the organization. In June 2021, her hard work paid off yet again and she earned the title of Area Director for KWCP, a role she still holds today.