Get To Know Lisa Langlais, KWCP’s Principal Broker in VA

Lisa Langlais is a prime example of how integrity and hard work pay off. Lisa has been in real estate for 15 years, 10 of those being spent with KWCP. She began with KWCP in 2011 as a Lead Associate Broker but quickly became the Managing Broker of Fairfax, VA. Once again, Lisa advanced roles and then became the Principal Broker of KW Virginias, which she currently holds. Through this position, she oversees agents and is dedicated to assisting them in any way possible. Lisa is able achieve internal success by working hard without any expectation of reward. Talking with Lisa was an educational crash course in professionalism, kindness, and the importance of hard work. A glimpse into some of these wonderful lessons are written below, making this blog something you won’t want to miss out on.

What Motivates Lisa

Lisa Langlais is mainly motivated by her strong passion to help others. Examples of this can be seen in how Lisa spends her free time when she isn’t working. She quilts for charities and has gifted thousands of quilts to charities that she supports. If you don’t believe her, you can find the Washington Post article that covers Lisa’s love for supporting others through her own personal hobby of quilting. On top of her quilting Lisa, is active in many committees across northern Virginia that align with her drive to assist others. Some of the roles she plays in helping other are her leadership positions on both the Grievance Committee and the Education Committee in northern VA. These committees, charities and leadership positions all come from her strong desire to help others in her free time. While at work, Lisa dedicates herself to being a resource for the agents that she oversees. Lisa believes that “together we achieve more,” because if agents aren’t producing then neither is KWCP. She truly makes it her goal to lift others up in order to lift the enterprise up as a whole. During the work week in 2023, her goal is to connect more face to face with her agents. If you’re looking to connect with Lisa, you’ll find her traveling around the KWCP Virginia offices checking in to see how she can help out.

What Brought Lisa to KWCP

Lisa was brought to KWCP when she was working at KW in Northern Virginia as a real estate agent. The Market Center she worked for was not growing as quickly as some of the other market centers around her, and it was upon that realization that Lisa knew she wanted to fulfill a leadership position where she could help her market center, and ones around her. Soon after that realization, her network of connections led her to KWCP where she become a part of the team. She’s spent much of her time at KWCP in leadership positions doing exactly what she loves; helping other people.

Lisa’s Internal Growth at KWCP

It isn’t only Lisa’s desire to help others that has pushed her forward in her career; it’s also her honesty and strength to work hard without asking for any reward or recognition. Lisa has managed multiple teams of agents and has seen great success in all of them. Internal growth in a company is important to Lisa because “it shows we have faith in the people who work for us”. Although Lisa has seen great internal success in her own career, she explained that internal growth doesn’t have to be about career jumps. Lisa sees internal growth as building strong teams, gathering people together, creating affinity groups inside your workplace and more. What keeps Lisa’s teams growing can relate back to her passion of supporting others, and sometimes that comes with a bit of honesty. Lisa admits that creating a strong team includes some hard conversations and awkward moments, but in the end these moments of honesty always pay off because tricky internal conversations are an integral part of creating a team that is open and honest about what is going on during their workday. Lisa says that her favorite part about going into work every day is getting to talk with her agents and learn about what is going on in their day to day. To learn more about Lisa visit