Get to Know KW The Virginias Area Director Joe Martin

As an earlier member of the MG Enterprise, having joined in 2012, Joe Martin has been around for so many amazing milestones and seen tremendous growth over his tenure with the company. As the enterprise has evolved, so has Joe’s role and he now serves at the Area Director for KW The Virginia’s, overseeing the Virginia and West Virginia region with regional leadership. It’s safe to say that his 10+ years with the company have given him a unique perspective on where the enterprise is now and where it is headed in the future.

What motivates Joe

As someone who is a fierce worker and amazing leader, it’s easy to wonder what keeps Joe going. According to Joe, he has certain motivators that keep him on track when life gets busy, the most important one being his family. Joe’s wife and kids mean the world to him, and he loves setting a good example for his kids. Another motivator for Joe is best described by this saying, “people put limits on what they can and cannot do”. What this means to him is that when given opportunity, it is important to learn to lean into it even if you fear what the outcome may be. Being able to recognize when opportunity is knocking has become a major strength and motivator for Joe and is what led him to KWCP all those years ago and continues to push his career forward in the enterprise and beyond.

How Joe came to KWCP

Before Joe joined KWCP he was working as the General Manager of East Coast Saloons in DC, but after quickly mastering his role there he knew he wanted more of a challenge. He took his leadership skills to KWCP as he was already familiar with The Menkiti Group having been a student at nearby Catholic University and was hired as the Lead Market Center Administrator in 2012. He fell into his role smoothly and over the course of his 6.5-year long position as Lead MCA, he helped to close almost $2 billion
in sales volume.

Promoted to Team Leader

In 2018 Joe took a leap of faith and transitioned into the Team Leader position at KWCP’s Capitol Hill Market Center, the highest producing and busiest one in the company. He describes this role as a “huge leap professionally” because he had no experience other than a few years as an MCA. One of the Joe’s greatest influences professionally and personally is “the aversion to regret”. When being given a new
chance at work, he notices that some people are afraid to take on the role due to fear of failure. While he has experienced this personally, Joe firmly believes that his aversion to regret has led him to take opportunities he was afraid of failing at and embrace the challenge head on. He would rather look back and be happy he tried his best at something rather than look back and wish he had tried.

One thing about KWCP that stands out for Joe is the positive impact the enterprise has on the community. He personally aligns with the mission statement of transforming lives, careers, and communities through real estate, and being a part of a company like KWCP has made changing the lives of others an important aspect of his professional life. After a few years as the leader of KWCP’s Capitol Hill team, Joe earned the opportunity to help lead the Virginia/West Virginia region and today is the Regional Area Director, managing over 25 market centers with more than 4,200 agents across the two

Work-life balance and Joe’s growing family!

Recently, Joe and his family welcomed a new baby! This new addition has kept him and his wife incredibly busy, but being a dad is one of Joe’s favorite jobs and he is now the proud dad of two daughters and one son. To help balance this busy life, he is careful to prioritize family time on nights and weekends and cranks through meetings and priorities as much as possible during work hours. On the weekends, he gets an early start with his son (6am to be exact) because they love to get in some Saturday morning Star Wars before going to get his sons favorite breakfast…donuts! In addition to spending quality time with his kids and wife, Joe has some personal hobbies that keep him entertained during the slow moments including golfing, grilling, and working on home improvement projects.