From Hospitality to High-Rise: Navigating Real Estate Success with Shaunta Lee 

In the dynamic world of real estate, professionals like Shaunta Lee bring a wealth of experience and dynamic insights to the table. In this blog, we delve into Shaunta’s career path, her impactful role at The Menkiti Group, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. 

Shaunta’s journey through real estate

Shaunta’s journey in real estate began over a decade ago in the hospitality industry in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 2010, she transitioned to residential real estate when she took a role as an assistant property manager. Two years later, Shaunta was offered the opportunity to pivot to commercial real estate at MRP Realty and her career took off from there. In her role at MRP Realty, she proved to be a fast learner and quickly earned her way to a promotion, gaining invaluable experience along the way. Shaunta’s diverse background and experiences led her to The Menkiti Group, where she now serves as a key member of both the property management and sales teams.

Her strategies for optimal success in real estate

In her role as Commercial Property Manager at The Menkiti Group, Shaunta oversees our commercial properties within the MG portfolio with a primary focus on the MLK Gateway project and its tenant retention. Her dedication to tenant retention speaks volumes about her commitment to fostering positive and long-lasting relationships with the people and organizations that occupy The Menkiti Group’s commercial spaces.

Shaunta is also an active agent on the MG Residential Sales team. Joining the team was a natural step as she received her real estate license in 2010 and has been actively selling real estate since 2018. As a valuable member of the team, Shaunta remains dedicated to making a difference in our community by providing comprehensive real estate services and staying informed and updated in the ever-evolving real estate industry. 

In both her roles, she is committed to proper execution and delivering exceptional service to clients. Whether it’s overseeing commercial properties, ensuring tenant satisfaction, or facilitating residential sales, she approaches each task with a meticulous and results-driven mindset. Her dedication goes beyond meeting expectations; it aims for excellence in every aspect of property management and sales. 

Values are at the core of all she does

With over a decade of experience, Shaunta emphasizes the importance of sticking to your values. For her, this means keeping promises, building relationships, and demonstrating loyalty. One of the most significant projects she worked on that shaped how she approaches real estate today was a massive rent-out to a commercial office building and the renovation of 1333 H St NW in downtown DC. Despite hurdles along the way, the rewarding experience of managing construction crews, tenants, and buildings is a true testament to her resilience and dedication. 

Tools and tips for those who want to succeed in the real estate industry

Over the course of her career, Shaunta has found incredible resources that have helped her get to where she is today. As an active member of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), she is proud to take advantage of this valuable resource for professional development. One example of how CREW has helped her is at the beginning of her career she was afraid of public speaking, but her involvement in the program has helped her overcome this fear. By participating in mentorship programs and hands-on training, she has gained the confidence to talk to anyone and everyone. Grateful for her experience with the amazing community at CREW, Shaunta believes involvement in such communities is critical to enhancing anyone’s professional and personal life.  

In addition to joining professional groups and networking with others in your field, Shaunta has found that LinkedIn is a great space for building connections and maintaining a professional online presence. She highly recommends using platforms like LinkedIn to stay updated on industry trends and continuously expand one’s network. 

Beyond real estate

Outside of her real estate endeavors, Shaunta enjoys exploring new places, spending valuable time with her children, and savoring her passion for wine. With a family background in real estate, Shaunta’s journey is not only professional but deeply rooted in her personal experiences. Her story is one of determination, growth, and success and is inspiring for anyone first starting out in the industry or looking to pivot to a new role.