Exploring Virginia Gergoff’s Expanse Real Estate Journey

Virginia Gergoff, a valued member of the KWCP family, seasoned economist, and Principal Broker, has made a lasting mark on the local real estate market. Her journey is a combination of familial influence, dedication to making an impact on her community, and a passion for fostering genuine connections. In this interview, we are excited to delve deeper into her story and insights.

Why real estate?

Virginia’s interest in real estate was seeded early on, nurtured by a familial legacy deeply entrenched in the industry. Her father, an architect, introduced her to the transformative power of construction and renovation projects. Witnessing the creation and evolution of spaces sparked her fascination with real estate’s potential to create wealth and beauty simultaneously.

Her evolution at KWCP

Joining KWCP was not only a career move, but a union forged through friendship and shared goals. Virginia’s ascent within KWCP was marked by significant milestones. She took her pre-licensing class with CEO and Founder, Bo Menkiti, and stayed in touch. When KWCP was founded, Virginia quickly hopped on board and began working as a dual career agent on the team. 

After 5 years, she joined Kymber Menkiti and the MG Residential sales team as the Lead Listing Agent, and eventually became the Vice President of Sales. Virginia’s leadership and clear passion proved valuable, and she was promoted to the role of Team Leader for the DC office. Just one year later her role expanded even further, and she became the Principal Broker for Washington, DC and Maryland for the brokerage.

Virginia’s unique approach to client relationships

With over 16 years of experience in real estate, Virginia’s approach to working with clients underscores the relational aspect of the real estate business. Understanding that it’s not merely about transactions, but about cultivating connections, she emphasizes the significance of listening and empathizing. Her mantra revolves around Keller William’s belief of “we seek first to understand.” Virginia’s philosophy of understanding first, nurturing relationships, and facilitating growth have garnered much success in her career and continues to be the cornerstone of how she approaches relationships with clients and agents to this day.

Nurturing growth and collaboration

As a Co-Team Leader of KWCP’s busiest market center in DC, Virginia prioritizes individualized approaches, acknowledging that each agent’s business varies in objectives and priorities. She fosters collaboration by tailoring growth plans to suit the needs of each agent and acts as a bridge, connecting agents with the right resources and connections pivotal for their success. This approach goes back to her philosophy of listening and understanding first. Virginia meets all agents where they are, prioritizing patience and empathy to advance their personal and professional growth.

Her approach extends seamlessly into the advice she would give to aspiring real estate professionals. Areas Virginia advocates for:

  • Nurturing a mindset centered on service and aiding others.
  • Committing to consistent preparation and learning for excellence.
  • Cultivating enduring relationships beyond transactions.
  • Remaining dedicated to excellence without cutting corners. 
  • Surrounding yourself with mentors or coaches who nurture growth and provide guidance.

Staying ahead in an ever-changing industry

Staying dialed into the dynamic real estate landscape requires constant vigilance. Virginia encourages her team to dedicate time to weekly market analysis, daily perusal of real estate news, and ongoing engagement with industry leaders. Their proactive approach enables them to stay ahead and offer top-notch service to their agents and clients. 2023 brought a major transition in the real estate industry, which is why Virginia and her team are constantly discussing how to stay at the forefront in this new year.

Noteworthy projects and interests

Virginia finds immense satisfaction in working with buyers and investors on property transformations, leveraging her creativity to reimagine spaces. She embraces the challenges that come with tasks such as creating new floor plans or choosing design finishes. Virginia has done this for small single property investors to builders and developers that focus on larger-scale projects such as 40+ unit buildings. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, she immerses herself in an active family life, engaging in diverse activities from board and community services to caring for her two rescue dogs. Her three kids keep her extremely busy with school plays, dance performances, and multiple sports each. Virginia’s biggest passion is traveling to new places, and her retirement dream is to travel and teach math and financial literacy to children. 

Virginia’s journey epitomizes dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to holistic growth, both in the real estate industry and personal endeavors. Her story serves as an inspiring guidepost for aspiring professionals navigating the dynamic world of real estate.