Dos and Don’ts: Listing my Home in the Fall

As the year wanes, summer is ending and the fall season is getting ready to begin. This realization has families returning from summer long vacations and kids preparing to go back to school. In the world of Real Estate, contrary to popular belief, autumn is the second busiest time of the year!

Described with words like “cozy’ and “bountiful”, fall gives you the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the seasonally specific feelings of hearth and home. So, while you look to use this season to your advantage, what would be the Do’s and Don’ts when listing your home this fall?


Curb Appeal is Everything

Autumn is an abundant time of year, and one of the most colorful. Staging the exterior of your home is just as important and inviting as the interior, but remember, you must get them inside first. Take advantage by adorning your front door with a fall inspired wreath or planter. Fresh paint and tasteful, manicured landscaping makes all the difference – just don’t forget to remove fallen leaves.

Play Up to Your Assets

Remember those nagging tasks or projects you meant to finish during spring cleaning? Well here is your perfect opportunity to revisit them. Major renovations to “raise the value” are unnecessary and disregarded. Walk through your house with the eye of a buyer, spot the issues that need immediate repair and repair them. Things as simple as clearing the gutter, patching walls, and fixing drippy faucets will make all the difference.

Create a Neutral Space

When you “depersonalize” your house, you create the opportunity for a buyer to envision themselves living in the space. The interior of your house should make the most of the fall feeling of “home”. Taking advantage of your house’s seasonal amenities, warm lighting, tasteful seasonal décor and pleasant aromas, all contribute to your future buyer’s “falling in love.”

Be Flexible

Access is essential! Keeping your house decluttered and in a “ready-to-buy” manner is paramount. Don’t forget the little things that might set you apart from other houses, like available parking. Lastly, stay flexible, offer maximum “showing- time” and make access as easy as possible.

Notify Your Realtor

“Some people don’t buy and sell houses more than once or twice in a lifetime, and there’s a lot of money at stake,” Mellstrom says. “And there are so many disclosure laws now. Depending on the laws in your state, you’re really accepting some liability by trying to sell it yourself, unless you have a friend or an attorney who can guide you through the process.” **

If you don’t have a realtor, selling your house is a perfect reason to find one. Check references, conduct interviews and go with someone who has a proven track record; do whatever you need to do to trust your chosen realtor. They are your guide to the research and comparative analysis needed when setting and negotiating a price. Understanding the influence of properly marketing your house is another perk of having a realtor. Allow them to handle your house’s “photo shoot”, open houses and various advertising avenues. **



Don’t wait until spring! People buy houses 365 days out of the year. Take advantage of all the reasons to pick Autumn as your listing season.