DC’s Burgeoning Neighborhood

Today, denoted as the “Crown Jewel” of Southeast DC, Anacostia continues to bloom with resurgence through small businesses, a developing art scene and promising real estate market.

Designated a historic district in 1978, the preservation of its mid-to-late 19th-century architecture resonates the noted “Period of Significance” experienced from 1854-1940. At its center, Uniontown, established in 1854, turned Anacostia into one of the first suburbs of DC. Determined the affordable option for the working class employed across the river in Navy Yard, characteristic housing styles like Italianate, cottage, and Queen Anne residences can still be observed throughout the notable DC neighborhood.

Presently, while the historic area boasts era preserved housing nestled between row houses and commercial buildings, most residents are more proud of their sweeping views of the city from across the river. The burgeoning neighborhood continues to reawaken in its early stages of rebirth, going from a community powered by industry and facilitated trade routes to one of DC’s major art centers.

The budding real estate market has home buyers and investors flocking to Anacostia, seeing worthy flipping opportunities due to the low price per square foot. With several community investments projects underway, MG Residential recently joined into the excitement at the end of 2016, looking towards their own improvements and expansion to the area. https://menkitigroup.com/menkiti-group-reveals-intended-plans-for-mlk-gateway-anacostia/

The Menkiti Group will also contribute to the vibrancy of this commercial corridor by redeveloping its own property at 1301 Good Hope Road to include a new Retro Fitness gym and office space for Menkiti Residential.
-Enlightened Inc

Last year, after announcing Anacostia as their new headquarters, Enlighten Inc and The Menkiti Group will join forces with many other pioneering proprietors looking to open or expand their perspective businesses in the Southeast neighborhood. With the MLK Gateway and other large development projects underway, Anacostia’s historic district can continue to leap forward towards a new age renaissance.