5 Tips and Tricks to Sell your Home Faster

The Spring brings blooming flowers, warmer weather and, of course, a burgeoning housing market. Buyers encounter multiple offer scenarios and tedious negotiation processes, but how about sellers? With a sharp increase in inventory, competition may seem stiff but with these tips, you can make your home look a little more desirable to buyers. 

1. Start Early and Be Strategic!

In 2017, the top 10 listing dates where in April, May or June.  Keep a close eye on what is happening with the market during these months, wait for what we like to call the “magic window“. During this time, you will have a higher chance of selling your home more quickly and even at a higher price than asking!

2. Online Curb Appeal

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Did you know that most buyers begin their search online? With easy access to a number of mobile-friendly sites, your home might be getting more looks than you think! So consider the interior and exterior aesthetics before you decide to list your home. While the “just looking” stage usually begins online, you still want to make sure you give them a reason to see your home in person.

3. Home Improvements

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Could your home plan use some updating? Do you have a bathroom or kitchen that could use a makeover? When looking to list your home, this is the perfect opportunity to take on that modification or small renovation project. When looking to maximize the price and profitability of your home sale these projects could be well worth the investment.

4. Reset and Re-List

Sometimes your initial strategy isn’t panning out how you would hope, and your home is experiencing minimal activity in the spring housing market. Never fear, many sellers de-list their homes and adjust the sale price with hopes of getting a fresh start and more importantly more looks!

5. Remember if you are looking to sell, Call Us!

When working with an agent to list your home, you could join the 90% of sellers who were able to sell their home above list price. Let an MG Listing agent help you to realize your homes listing potential!