Bo Menkiti

Founder and CEO

Brandon Green

Managing Partner, KWCP

Stephanie Liotta-Atkinson

Vice President & General Counsel

Kymber Menkiti

President, Sales

Brian Burke

Executive Vice President

Mark Rengel

Vice President, Development

Scott Whitaker

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Rob Foa

Managing Director, MG Commercial

Joseph Scavetta

Buyer Agent

Martin Weldon

Managing Director, Buyer Division

Jennifer Motruk

Director, Corporate Marketing & Comms

Katie Heaton

Chief of Staff

Patrick J. Barrett

Commercial Associate

Virginia Gergoff

Managing Director & Listing Partner

Amber Cummer

Operations Manager, KWCP

Delonte Moore

Buyer Specialist

Jennifer Toland Frewer

Buyer and Listing Specialist

John Strock

Buyer Specialist

Devonté Dinkins

Development Associate

Marie Claire Ntam

Buyer Specialist

Natasha Mosley

Development Acquisitions Manager

Maria Honeywell

Listing Coordinator

LaTanya Drayton

Transaction Manager

Cam Kostyack

Commercial Associate

Alex Hondros

Financial Analyst

Kassie Payne

Junior Listing Coordinator

Scott Aden

Vice President, Development & Asset Management

Masiray Kanneh-Peart

Listing Specialist/Realtor